Thursday, March 30, 2006

so its been a while...

whatever. i got a job that decided it wanted to take up all of my time for a while, and i had to write like a billion and one grant applications so that i can afford grad school/seminary. some how or another ive ended up in washington DC this weekend hangin out at the planned parenthood annuel conference. the secular world is a weird place to be. i very much prefer the the world of religion where everything is a little more familiar, i at least recognize people and you dont have to protect your conference info with your life. it is interesting though, being a seminary representative (for a school that doesnt know you are there) to something that isnt really church related. i mean, the issues are church/religious business, they are everyones business. i just dont know. i dont want this issue to become my main focus. but its very important. i realize that when you say "abortion" it completely turns people off. its ridiculous. if you say miscarriage, its the same thing. but nobody cares about the people beyond the loss or gain of a kid... honestly, im not going to bring a child into this world just to put them in the american foster system. i just couldnt do that to a person. if it is a soul, a real human being given to us by god, then it deserves the best possible care and guidance in life, THROUGH THE ENTIRETY OF LIFE, not just to be alive or dead at the start. i just dont understand. people need education, compassion, and help... not to be made to feel guilty and ashamed for things that might not be their fault or in the best interests of ANYONE at the time. grrrr. im totally and utterly confused about the issues at that time, and would appreciate some outside opinions.
im in DC and im bored, i cant even believe this is happening. i wish i had come here with some other people that didnt have a family to entertain. or were at least fun. hpmph.