Monday, December 15, 2008

Making Visible the Invisible

So this is my Senior Seminar Project "Making Visible the Invisible"
I am still adding things to it, but this is the direction I am going!

This picture turned out TERRIBLE online, in person its great.
Each screen has different marginalized peoples on it - India, Africa and Brazil are represented on the screens.

These are awesome pics I took laying down in front of the alter in my church. It has the table, the light of Christ, the pupit for the word and the cross representing Jesus. The pictures in the back are things we forget. Water for our baptismal vows, money that runs the world (or money we have an others dont), disasters that occur, things that have happened in the past, or that people are dying unjustly in other place in the world, blood spilled...

This has a painting of the trail of tears on it.

Spirit pic!

Japanese Americans lining up to be sent to internment camps.

industrial rusting cross


Slave Ship with full load :(

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